AI-Powered HD Mode for 3D Scanners

Provides ultra-sharp, clean and detail-rich scans.

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Exact Metrology

Exact Metrology has increased the capability of their Artec 3D handheld scanners with the new HD mode.

This artificial intelligence-powered scanning technology provides ultra-sharp, clean and detail-rich scans for Artec Leo and Artec Eva.

Powered by Artec 3D‘s AI neural engine, users can obtain sharp 3D scans with a resolution of up to 0.2 mm. Trained on hundreds of thousands of carefully selected samples, the engine’s neural network detects familiar patterns, surface details and shapes. This allows the 3D scanner to reconstruct a higher number of polygons per frame, resulting in 3D data that’s both denser and higher quality.

Now, the desired HD density can be selected from a standard 1X density up to 36X for Eva  (~3 mln polygons per frame) and 64X for Leo (~5 mln polygons per frame). HD mode makes it possible to capture smaller, thinner elements with the 3D scanner while also considerably reducing noise. With these Artec scanners, fine edges can be captured in high definition, faithful to their original shape. It’s easy to capture hard-to-reach areas as the scans are reconstructed with every detail, giving users complete surface geometry.

Handheld Eva and Leo scanners can easily scan dark or shiny surfaces in high resolution and capture the full range of their geometries, without additional steps. Using the Artec AI engine, little to no noise in the raw scan data results in cleaner processed data and also saves time when producing the final 3D model. Once difficult to capture, now short hair, even separate strands, are fully within reach when scanning with HD mode. Furthermore, these scanners can capture a broad range of objects flawlessly and in high detail: from smaller, intricate parts such as thin pipes or valve handles, to larger objects with multiple high-detail sections, including car engines and skeletons.

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