Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Sensing distance ranges from 60 mm to 8,000 mm.

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors 5x7

AutomationDirect announces the availability of SU, UK, UT and TU series round body and UQ series cubic plastic ultrasonic distance sensors.

The devices offer in sensing distance ranges from 60 mm to 8000 mm in metal or plastic housings, and M18 and M30 barrel or head sizes.

Discrete and analog output sensors and models with both analog and discrete switching outputs are available; discrete models are available with adjustable sensitivity, and one sensor can be standardized for many materials.

Operating voltages from 10 to 30VDC are available; temperature ranges up to +70C are now offered on some models. Most sensors provide LED status indicators and have 2m output cable or M12 quick disconnect connection options. 

All ultrasonic sensors are IEC IP67-rated.

Learn more by visiting www.automationdirect.com/ultrasonic-sensors.

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