Touch Solutions and Sensor Modules

New modules have an extended detection range, enlarging the interactive area.

Neonode Z Force Sensor Interaction
Neonode Inc.

Neonode Inc. announced its next generation of cost-optimized high-performance zForce touch solutions and a new updated version of zForce sensor modules.

Neonode is now releasing the next generation of its legacy zForce touch solution for as low as $0.43 per diagonal inch in system cost, which is significantly lower than equivalent PCAP solutions. This new generation offers the same world-class performance as previous generation zForce touch solutions at significantly lower cost.

Neonode is also offering a new type of zForce sensor module to enable mounting in a different orientation to obtain the same active detection area. This opens up for new levels of design freedom and allows integration in a wider range of applications. The new zForce sensor modules also have an extended detection range, thus enlarging the interactive area.

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