Real-Time Kinematic Inertial Navigation System

Provides centimeter-level accuracy, enhanced reliability and superior performance.

Ins1000 Small
Aceinna Inc.

Aceinna announces its new INS1000 state-of-the-art, high performance dual band Real-Time Kinematic Inertial Navigation System.

The INS1000 embeds Aceinna’s 9 degree-of-freedom inertial sensor technology to achieve Automotive Dead Reckoning performance in GNSS challenged environments like urban canyons, heavily tree lined roads, tunnels, underpasses and bridges.

With horizontal position accuracy of 2cm (RTK), vertical position accuracy of 3cm (RTK), and velocity accuracies of 0.01m/s and 0.02m/s (horizontal and vertical, respectively), the INS1000 provides the precision navigation capabilities required for:

  • Automotive autonomous

  • Automotive track testing

  • Precision agriculture

  • Construction

Detailed information about the INS1000 can be found at

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