Hall Effect Magnetic Torque Sensor

Boosts EPS drivability for safer, sustainable motoring.

Tt109 Sx 4462 Torque Sensor
TT Electronics
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TT Electronics

TT Electronics has introduced the SX-4462 Hall effect magnetic non-contact torque sensor, a flexible and cost-effective sensor offering high accuracy and diagnostic capabilities for electronic power steering applications including off-road vehicles, three-wheelers, light commercial trucks and tractors.

The SX-4462 fourth-generation Magnetorque (MT4) is easy to integrate with customization options including full-scale range and sensitivity, wire length, product marking and connector type.

  • 4.5V-5.5V supply voltage range

  • Maximum current of just 20mA

  • Redundant outputs allow full diagnostics

  • Output voltage clamps that enable open/short detection

For further information visit http://www.ttelectronics.com/sites/default/files/download-files/SX-4462(MT4)Datasheet.pdf.

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