Compact Ultrasonic Sensor

Designed for use in harsh environmen­tal conditions and in hygienic applications.

P53 D30 D18
Hoffman + Krippner

Hoffmann + Krippner is proud to announce the availability of the new model P53-80-D18, one of the smallest ultrasonic sensors on the market worldwide.

Special housing construction made of V4A stainless steel makes the P53 STEEL HEAD well-suited for use in harsh environments such as dust, moisture and water vapor. The sensor and mounting assembly can also be sanitized with strong cleaning materials for applications in manufacturing, food and chemical processing, medical, agriculture and packaging.

The sensor can be used for distance measurements as well as level measurement, presence detection, detection of moving objects, counting objects and checking for completeness.

  • Range of up to 800 mm.
  • High temperature range of up to + 80°C.
  • Integrated cable screw connection ensures best hygiene.
  • M12 connector with power supply, signal output and teach in.
  • Mounting with two Teflon nuts provides acoustic decoupling.

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