Non-Contact Safety Sensor SRF

Protects machine operators and uniquely integrates intelligent diagnostic system.

Altech Non Conact Safety Sensor
Altech Corp.

The new SMART Non-Contact Safety Sensor SRF from Altech Corp. protects machine operators from potential injury by monitoring moveable separating protective devices and shutting down or preventing startup of a machine when a device is not properly closed.

The SRF sensor is also the only safety sensor currently on the market integrating an intelligent diagnostic system, which collects data for early detection of machine faults and allows for timely maintenance fixes.

  • Sensors are available with diagnostics function that can be monitored with I/O Link supporting Industry 4.0 implementation and Smart Factory operations.
  • SRF sensors are compact and will ideally suit any application where safety switches (Type 2) or sensors (Type 4) would be used, including machines for packaging, turning and milling, food processing, woodworking, and injection molding, among many others.

  • Data for up to 20 different switch conditions can be monitored for each individual sensor, even when they are connected in a series for monitoring multiple access points.

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