Pin-Hub Couplings

High allowable misalignment, low backlash.

8444 Miki Pulley Paraflex Pin Hub Coupling
Miki Pulley

Miki Pulley announces Introduction of its “paraflex” pin-hub couplings.

Key features of these couplings include high allowable misalignment, extremely low backlash and resonance dampening. 

With a pin-bushing type design, these paraflex couplings are available in two models. The CPU model has a maximum torque of 25 Nm and allows angular misalignment up to 4°. The CPE model has a maximum torque of 10 Nm and allows angular misalignment up to 1°. Available bore sizes range from 3.0 mm to 22 mm.

Clamp style hubs made of sintered aluminum slip easily onto two connecting shafts with the coupling locked into position with recessed tightening screws.

Handling system speeds up to 6000 rpm depending on model, paraflex couplings are RoHS compliant. They operate in temperature environments from -30°C to +100°C. 

They are ideal for: 

  • Automated packaging systems
  • Chip mounters
  • Electric discharge machines
  • And similar applications

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