Development Kit for Prototyping and Evaluation

Allows OEMs to reduce development time and investment.

Cmd 4 Cr Ev Basic
Nippon Pulse

Nippon Pulse is introducing a Commander evaluation kit to help original equipment manufacturers reduce development time and investment, and ramp up production of their applications.

The evaluation kit utilizes the Nippon Pulse Commander core – an easy-to-use four-axis hybrid IC motion controller – and full software package for application development. It contains everything necessary to start evaluating or developing an application: the Commander core itself, evaluation board, reference designs, and a complete cable set.

This kit is great for those evaluating the Commander core for a new application, and need a complete setup to get started on software development and testing. The evaluation kit helps OEMs prototype and implement their motion control system faster. Once the software is developed, OEMs can take the code and go straight to production, as the Commander system is a cost-effective controller option for high-volume applications.

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