Closed Loop Integrated Motors

Ensure reliable operations in high-acceleration machines.

Optimized Energy Efficient Motor300
Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products offers StepSERVO Closed Loop Integrated Motors for closed loop servo control of position, velocity and torque, resulting in higher acceleration rates and faster machine cycles in food & beverage applications.

Combining a high-torque step motor with an on-board drive, encoder, controller and closed-loop servo software into a single package, the integrated motors save on space, wiring, and cost over conventional systems comprised of separate motor and drive components.

Using encoder feedback, closed loop step motor systems automatically reduce current to the motor when torque is no longer demanded by the load to consume less power than a traditional step motor system. StepSERVO Integrated Motors also operate cooler and more quietly than open loop step motors by drawing just enough current to control the load.

The ability to execute stored programs created with Applied Motion’s Q Programming language enables users to apply complicated logic and motion sequences to solve their motion control challenges. (Follow Encoder) command automatically ratios the label speed to the master encoder frequency while

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