Brushless DC Motors

Compatible with servo drive system.

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Dunkermotoren GmbH

With brushless DC motors (24 to 48 volts) of the series BG 45, BG 65(S), BG 75 and BG 95, Dunkermotoren has been the market leader in the 20-1100 Watt power range for years.

As part of a product partnership with Siemens, the motors are now also available in specific versions compatible with the new Simatic Micro-Drive servo drive system.

The simple integration of the Simatic Micro-Drive significantly shortens the engineering time. Integration into Siemens automation technology is possible via the TIA portal and simplifies commissioning and service. 

The new Safety Integrated Function SLT (Safely Limited Torque) ensures a limited torque by monitoring the motor current during operation. Smart components in the motor, together with a patented data transmission system, set the controller to a preset state after it is connected to the motor. Cumbersome drive tuning and parameterization of the controller control loops are a thing of the past.

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