Clutch Brakes with Oil Shear Technology

Allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning.

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Force Control Industries
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Force Control Industries

Force Control Industries presents the Posidyne X Class Clutch Brakes, which feature oil shear technology that allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning – all without adjustment and virtually no maintenance. 

Ideal for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, these unique motion control devices allow higher cycle rates (as high as 300 cycles per minute), and unparalleled service life (20 to 40 million cycles) to increase production rates with lower downtime.

With unparalleled speed and precision, the value engineered X Class Clutch Brakes allow machine designers to run at higher cycle rates and quality levels or design new machines for higher performance at a reasonable cost.

They are ideal for many OEM applications including:

  • Conveyors
  • Packaging machinery
  • Food processing
  • Meat packing
  • Dynamite/gunpowder processing
  • Production machinery
  • Extruder cut-offs
  • Palletizers
  • Feeders
  • Inserters
  • Loaders
  • Cut-offs
  • Fillers

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