Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor

Provides direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor.

Mitsubishi Electric Tm Rg2 M004 E30 Low Profile Direct Drive Motor
Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric announces the new Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors, TM-RG2M/TM-RU2M, for machine designers and end users looking for direct control of a load without traditional transmission components.

Built with speed and precision in mind, it provides a smaller footprint and allows for more compact, efficient and precise machines than those typically built using rotary servo motors.

Applications that are well suited for the new motor include:

  • Coating and vapor deposition systems

  • Index tables

  • Tool changers

  • Rotary material handling robots

  • Rotary axis on XYθ inspection positioning systems.

Unlike rotary servo motors that are coupled to a load with a mechanical transmission such as a gear, coupling or belt, the TM-RG2M/TM-RU2M is coupled directly to a load, resulting in greater positioning accuracy, reduced energy use and less maintenance.

Additional information is available at https://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/products/drive-products/ac-servos-melservo/melservo-j4/direct-drive-motor/j4ddm.

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