Customizable Stepper Motors

Optimized for cost-effective, reliable and precise motion control.

Isl Stpr Motor 1 19
ISL Products

ISL Products International Ltd. announces value-added hybrid, permanent magnet and variable reluctance stepper motors which meet the exact positioning, holding torque, and repeatability specifications of the broadest array of automation designs.

ISL’s brushless stepper motors provide either rotary or linear motion and are controlled by an open-loop system (non-feedback system) to further facilitate robust, economical, repeatable, and low-maintenance operation.  

Delivered in frame sizes ranging from NEMA 8 to NEMA 52 (20 mm – 130 mm) and feature a 1.8 degree (2-phase) step angle.  Additionally, 0.9 degree (2-phase) and 1.2 degree (3-phase) step angle configurations are available.

Customization capabilities include:

  • Brake

  • Gearhead

  • Torque density

  • Voltage

  • Output speed

  • Encoder/driver

  • Power

  • Current

  • Lead screw/ball screw (linear stepper)

  • All-in-one driver/controller

  • Step angle

  • Phase and pole count

  • Lead wire/connector

  • Shaft configuration

  • Material

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