SIL 3/PLe Absolute Positioning System

Unparalleled safety with just one sensor.

Safe Pxv Safe Pgv Hi Res

Pepperl+Fuchs has developed a new generation of positioning systems that achieve SIL 3/PLe compliance with a single sensor.

The safePGV and safePXV systems achieve maximum safety in the form of a single-sensor positioning system. This new generation of security solutions is based the reliable combination of a 2-D reader and Data Matrix code.

The safePXV positioning system offers unparalleled reliability for linear absolute positioning. Due to its easy handling, the system is suitable for a variety of applications, such as ensuring exact positioning of monorail conveyors in a production line. Additionally, it can be used for stacker cranes in material handling, rotary tables, elevators and skillets.

  • New firmware controls LED colors with a safe-rated algorithm.

  • Larger scan window measures 120 mm x 80 mm.

  • Performs continuous self-checks.

  • Provides multiple levels of redundancy.

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