Miniature Linear Voice Coil Servo Motors Have Sub-Micron Resolution

They also feature high acceleration, high speed and 37.6 oz. of continuous force.

Moticont Lvcm 025 029 02 And 02 M 4x5x300

Moticont (Van Nuys, CA) announced the addition of the LVCM-025-029-02 and the LVCM-025-029-02M (Metric version) to the Moticont’s line of Linear Voice Coil Servo Motors. Moving Coil Motors feature:

  • Miniature 1-inch (25.4 mm) diameter brushless high-speed linear servo motors
  • High force-to-size ratios, zero cogging, high accuracy, high repeatability and sub-micron resolution in closed-loop operation
  • Stroke length of 0.313 in. (7.9 mm), a high-force-to-size ratio of 37.6 oz. (10.5 N) and a peak force of 118.9 oz. (33.1 N) at 10% duty cycle
  • LVCM-025-029-02 has 10-32 UNC-2B threaded mounting hole in center and two 6-32-UNC-2B threaded mounting holes on coil end
  • LVCM-025-029-02M (Metric version) has M5X0.8 0.20 (5) DP threaded mounting hole in center and two M33.5X0.6 0.20 (5) DP threaded mounting holes on coil end
  • Ability to be integrated into new or existing applications
  • Ideal for medical devices, dynamic vibration absorption, haptic feedback, work holding and clamping, scanners, laser beam steering and filtering, laser machining and drilling, wafer handling assembly, testing, and optical focusing.

Complete plug-and-play systems are available, including single or multi-axis controllers, encoders, joysticks or trackballs and cables.

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