Spindle Motors for Heavy-Duty Machine Tool and Motion Control Applications

These induction motors have a myriad of applications in heavy-duty markets.

1 Ph8 2

Siemens Industry, Inc. (Chicago, IL) introduced the 1PH8 family of high-performance induction motor drives and servomotors. Available in a wide power range, from 2.8 kW up to 1340 kW, these new motors provide dynamic response, smooth operation and low vibration levels. 

A single stator and rotor design enables the modular adaptation of the many motor options to provide design flexibility and cost containment.  

These induction motors have a myriad of applications in other heavy-duty markets:

  • Print unit drives on printing presses
  • Rolls and web handling on converting and packaging machinery
  • Crane and hoist elevation
  • Extruders and injection molding machines
  • Metal-forming and welding machinery
  • Assembly line robotic articulation
  • Materials handling gantries

The modular motor platform concept offers designers options for selecting the optimum unit for an application: 

  • Assorted bearing designs for increased cantilever forces or increased speeds up to 20,000 rpm
  • Shaft designs in a solid or hollow configuration to match the mechanical interface
  • Forced-air or water-cooled models for choosing the better method to suit the job
  • Induction or synchronous servomotor design for mating the right motor to the size requirements and dynamic response needs; both styles feature the same mechanical and electrical interface to simplify engineering
  • Absolute or incremental encoders built-in for high-resolution feedback and enhanced motion control in high power level applications


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