Oil-Lubricated Direct-Drive Air Compressors Available from 25 to 30 HP

Designed to provide performance and reliability to small and medium-sized operations.

El Gi Launches The Eq Series Of Oil Lubricated Direct Drive Air Compressors In North America 2
ELGi Compressors USA

ELGi Compressors USA (Charlotte, NC) announced the EQ Series, a new range of oil-lubricated, direct drive rotary screw air compressors, designed to provide performance and reliability to small and medium-sized operations that traditionally use belt-driven air compressors.

The EQ ‘ELGi Quest’ Series is built for customers requiring reliable compressed air at improved flows at the right value. The EQ Series oil-lubricated, direct drive rotary screw air compressor is available from 25 to 30 hp with both fixed and variable speed drive configurations. 


  • Designed as oil-lubricated direct-driven air compressor available in multiple capacities from 25-30 hp
  • Available with fixed or variable-speed drives for all units in series
  • Equipped with reliable TEFC motor
  • Available in 100, 125, 150 and 175 psi discharge pressures
  • Designed for operating in ambient temperatures of 122 degrees F, ensuring superior cooling, reliability and durability
  • Equipped with pre-filter enclosure cooling air inlets
  • Long service interval of 4000 hours (intake filter, oil, oil filter, air/oil separator element)
  • Best in class warranty: six years on airend, five years on other main components, three years on VFD and one year on entire package
  • Available as base-mounted, tank-mounted (120 or 200 gallons) or tank-mounted with dryer and filters for easy-to-install complete air system


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