The World's Strongest Injection Moldable Polymer Compounds

KyronMAX polymers are now 20% lighter and 20-50% stronger.

KyronMAX bracket.
KyronMAX bracket.
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

MESA, Ariz. -- As the leading manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, (MCAM) has been perfecting its KyronMAX platform since 2014. KyronMAX polymers are now 20% lighter and 20-50% stronger, exhibiting tensile strengths above 61,000 psi (420 MPa) and modulus above 6,300,000 psi (43.5 GPa).

A series of the highest-performance carbon fiber composite materials available today, KyronMAX is the next generation in injection moldable metal replacement technology. But it is also much more than just a matchless range of engineered materials. As Randy White, chief innovation officer, explains, "The uniqueness of KyronMAX is that it is not only available today in over 20 of the strongest drop-in ready polymers on the planet, but often becomes a true partnership – where we collaborate with each customer to develop a formula to specifically fit their unique application." The KyronMAX technology platform is currently formulated in various thermoplastics including PA, Low Moisture PA, PPA, Hi-Temp PPA, PC, PPS and PEEK with more in development.

The KyronMAX platform combines design engineering, material science, and technology to help change the way prototyping, sustainability, and indeed materials manufacturing and supply operate.

By integrating multiple technologies within one facility, KyronMAX helps simplify supply chains, improve process flow, and creates more cost-effective solutions, while delivering superior performance, and a zero-waste, end-of-life recycling program.

"We embrace the circular economy and therefore we are proud to offer our business partners a closed-loop supply chain as part of the engineering partnership of KyronMAX. These efforts aim at minimizing the impact on the environment and maximizing the contribution to a sustainable future. We call this KAITEKI Value for tomorrow," said Ron Denoo, chief strategy officer.

As customers continue to search for the strongest moldable polymers available. KyronMAX materials consistently outperform LFT polymers, especially when measuring the performance of the as molded part. KyronMAX composites overcome all the limitations associated with LFT compounds while yielding stronger parts that are also lighter in weight. 

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