Ultra-Low-Temperature FKM

Formulated to meet and exceed aerospace industry specifications.

Fusion 665 Press Release Graphic Final
Greene Tweed

Greene Tweed’s Fusion FKM 665, a new generation, ultra-low-temperature and chemical-resistant elastomer, was specifically formulated to meet and exceed the requirements of Aerospace Material Specification 7379 and AMS-P-83461.

With a temperature range of -70°F to 450°F (-57°C to 232°C), Fusion™ 665 achieves outstanding low-temperature performance without compromising high-temperature performance.

Prior to Fusion 665, achieving optimal low-temp performance meant sacrificing high-temperature operating range, chemical compatibility, or dynamic sealing performance. It was developed to overcome existing limitations of comparable materials, such as NBR, FKM, or FVMQ.

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