Specialty Air Filters for Equipment

Offer low pressure drop, water resistance and fire protection.

Orion Fans Specialty Filter Pr Image
Orion Fans

Orion Fans has designed a series of specialty air filters for equipment where permanent, cleanable filters are most appropriate. 

When combined with an Orion Fans louvered filter fan kit or louvered fan guard snap-on, slide or hinged version, the specialty air filters provide low pressure drop, water resistance or fire protection.

  • The FHD (high density) Series is a foam air filter that delivers low pressure drop, fire resistance, and the ability to capture large amounts of airborne dust in industrial enclosure applications.

  • The FHDH (water resistant) Series is a hydrophobic mesh air filter that features a water-repellent, low pressure drop media to reduce ingress of airborne mist and other liquids in harsh environment enclosures.

  • The FHDP (fire protection) Series are PyroCide air filters that can be used for electronics enclosure applications that require stringent flame safety standards.

For more information, go to https://orionfans.com/group.php?k=20.

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