Lube Nozzles for Aviation Gearboxes

Allows delivery of precise, accurate and, in some cases, screen lubricants for demanding applications.

Lube Nozzles
The Lee Company

Gearboxes used in aviation and other similar demanding applications are very specially designed, held to tight tolerances and require precise and reliable lubrication. The Lee Company, with over 70 years of experience in precision fluid control, is able to offer special nozzle designs to meet most requirements.

In addition to single and multi-orifice nozzle designs in a variety of configurations, The Lee Company has the capability to include safety screens for additional protection. Lee HI-BAR safety screens can be integrated directly into the nozzle body, resulting in an extremely robust, one-piece design.

  • Specialty testing for custom flow rates, tolerances, pressures, fluids, temperatures and flow targeting.

  • Available in materials including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or brass.

  • Ideal propeller gearboxes, airframe-mounted gearboxes, engine-mounted accessory gearboxes, oil pumps, hydraulic pumps and electric generators.

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