RFID Dock Door Solution

RFID dock door solution offers 99.99% acquisition and read accuracy.


Surgere (Green, OH) has introduced an innovative RFID dock door system, powered by RF Controls. Surgere understood that current hardware lacked essential characteristics. With this in mind, Surgere approached RF Controls to develop new hardware that can provide increased accuracy and real-time data that its clients demand for a smaller footprint and lower total installed costs.

With greater performance at a lower total installed cost than other dock door solutions in the market, Surgere’s new solution is ideal for increasing accuracy at dock doors, the most critical transaction point in every supply chain where asset tracking is required for visibility. The new RFID dock door solution, exclusive to Surgere, is easier and faster to install than any other system on the market. It is designed to be lighter weight and requires less infrastructure as a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) line can power up to three units by daisy-chaining them, reducing the number of PoE lines by up to two-thirds.

Additionally, the solution can be installed with templated, repeatable methods directly into the wall near the top of the dock door or hung from the ceiling, instead of needing to be installed by drilling into warehouse floors or requiring bollards for equipment protection.

In addition to saving space by eliminating any floor footprint, Surgere’s RFID dock door systems improve operational efficiency because there is no need to redesign workflows around hardware installed into the floor.


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