IIoT Smart Devices for Monitoring Asset Health

Monitors equipment health, provides operational insights and issues remediation instructions to personnel.

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Grace Technologies

Grace Technologies announces the GraceSense Predictive Maintenance System.

This technology helps users find failures before they occur. A complete end-to-end solution featuring wireless sensors, configurable hardware architecture, and an intuitive user interface, the Predictive Maintenance System is designed to curb unplanned downtime and provide a swift return on investment.

The initial product offering consists of four unique products and a web-based user interface. The battery-powered GraceSense Vibration & Temperature Node can be deployed onto any rotating equipment to insightfully predict anomalies before they turn into catastrophic failures. The battery-powered GraceSense Temperature Node monitors the surface temperature of any asset. Lastly, the GraceSense Panel-Mount/CloudGate collects data wirelessly from the nodes and transmits to the remote cloud using either an LTE or plant WiFi connection.

In addition to the wireless nodes, GraceSense also offers a complementary non-conductive temperature monitoring device called the Hot Spot Monitor (HSM). HSM is designed to detect the temperature abnormalities in electrical equipment such as Switchgear, MCCs, Transformers, and Bus-bars using bolted connections. A single HSM can be deployed to monitor up to eighteen critical connections within critical electrical assets.

With the nodes and/or HSM deployed and operational, the GraceSense Maintenance Hub serves as a secure remote user interface for configuring the devices and monitoring their analytics. When the monitored equipment parameters exceed a preset threshold value, the Maintenance Hub issues SMS or email alerts to maintenance personnel with step-by-step remediation instructions.

For more, visit https://www.graceport.com.

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