Non-Contact RFID-Coded Safety Switches

Provide interlock protection on hinged, sliding or removable guard doors.

Idem Rfid 5x7

IDEM non-contact RFID coded safety switches from AutomationDirect are designed to provide interlock protection on hinged, sliding or removable guard doors.

These switches are particularly advantageous when poor guard alignment exists, when high-level anti-tamper is required, where high-hygiene requirements exist, or where long mechanical life is required. When used in combination with a dual channel safety relay or control device, IDEM non-contact safety switches can provide protection up to Category 4 and PLe to ISO13849-1.

New IDEM KLP-Z, KLM-Z, and KL3-Z series tongue interlock safety switches with guard locking and RFID coding, fit into the leading edge of machine guard doors to provide robust guard locking while also providing a double tamper-resistant interlock mechanism. 

Providing position detection for moving guards, these switches remain locked until the solenoid voltage is applied to the switch. The switches can also be used in conjunction with delay timers to provide the solenoid energize signal only after a predetermined amount of time has passed.

IDEM LMF series stainless steel RFID coded safety switches provide a wide 10mm sensing distance; and new M18 cylindrical barrel BPF/BMF series safety switches offer high tolerance for misalignment after sensing and are suitable for all industry applications.

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