IO-Link Master with OPC UA

Seamless communication from the field level to the cloud.

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Pepperl+Fuchs has become the first company to offer IO-Link masters with an OPC UA interface — and is therefore paving the way for end-to-end, transparent and seamless communication from the lowest field level to the cloud.

The automation specialist has acquired the business of Comtrol Corp., a pioneer in the field of Ethernet-based industrial communication and a leading provider of IO-Link masters. Pepperl+Fuchs has strengthened its position as a system provider in the IO-Link sector and become the first to be able to offer IO-Link masters with an OPC UA interface.

OPC UA is an Ethernet-based communication protocol and provides an easy and flexible method of communication between machines or between a machine and the cloud. OPC UA is characterized by its independence, which gives customers incredible flexibility when designing their IoT systems, and ensures that they have complete freedom, no matter which platform they choose to use.

If IO-Link functions as the interface for the identification, diagnostics, and parameter data from the sensor technology, OPC UA provides the perfect solution for transmitting this data to PC- or cloud-based systems in full and in parallel with time-critical control communication.

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