Bluetooth 5 Module

Delivers even greater range and design flexibility.

Lcy Bl654 Pa Series

Laird announces the new BL654 PA series, which delivers more power and range performance in a single Bluetooth solution than ever before.

Building on the success of the BL654 Series, the BL654 PA provides OEMs with maximum design flexibility and performance. The BL654 PA is a complete multi-protocol embedded wireless offering with exceptional processing capability and extended PA/LNA support ideal for long- range applications or extremely challenging RF environments.

Powered by the Nordic nRF52840 silicon, the small form factor BL654 PA modules and development kits provide a secure, robust BLE and Cortex-M4F CPU for any OEM’s product design. The BL654 PA provides maximum development flexibility with programming options for a simple, intuitive AT command set, as well as Laird Connectivity's own smartBASIC environment.

The BL654 PA series brings out all the nRF52840 hardware features and capabilities including USB access, up to 5.5V supply considerations, and builds additional TX power capabilities via an integrated Skyworks PA. In addition to the stand-out Bluetooth 5 features of enhanced data rates and LE long range, the BL654 PA also integrates BLE mesh capabilities in a high TX power platform, NFC, and Thread (802.15.4).

The BL654 PA also boasts robust security, industrial temperature rating, a small footprint, and modular FCC, IC, KC, RCM, and Bluetooth SIG approvals, which extend to an OEM’s design with no new testing for the fastest route to production.

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