Recirculating Tables

Allow for the creation of space to accumulate product and control flow.

Recirculating Conveyor Dorner

When moving products down a manufacturing line, there may be places that experience backups and cause the entire line to slow or shut down.

To avoid having to stop production or redirect product, a recirculating table can create a space to accumulate product and control the flow to the next process.

Recirculating tables are created with two or more conveyors side by side with the belts moving in opposite directions to create a continuous flow of product. These systems can run unattended and don’t require electronic controls.

Systems can be designed to move the built up products down to a singular line or accumulate products until they can be handled by employees. Recirculating conveyors also work well for delicate products because they minimize back pressure on the conveyor and thus reduce product loss and damage to products.

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