HMI Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Suited for outdoor use where equipment damage is a significant risk.

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Mitsubishi Electric

The new GT25 Rugged human machine interface from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is reinforced with metal housing and equipped with an extra bright screen visible under direct sunlight.

This interface is engineered for environments that would damage or destroy more vulnerable HMIs. The GT25 Rugged can function at temperatures between -5 and 150° F and is resistant to vibration and shock. The metal housing also protects the internal components from direct blasts from high-pressure water jets and UV rays.

The sturdy hardware offers the same functions and capabilities found on the broader GT25 Series of HMIs, such as:

  • Flexible configuration

  • Convenient maintenance platform

  • Remote connectivity

  • Expanded memory

  • Device monitoring functions

Additional information on the GT25 Rugged is available at

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