Single Loop Temperature Controllers

Provide single loop control for heating and cooling processes.

Solo Basic Temp Controllers 5x7

SOLO Basic temperature controllers from AutomationDirect provide single loop control for heating and cooling processes using a thermocouple or RTD input signal and a relay, voltage pulse, or current output signal.

The 1/16 DIN panel size SOLO basic controller operates on 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz input power. Two 4-character 7-segment LED displays indicate process value and setpoint value. These basic controllers are IP66 rated for dust and water jet ingress protection and have a 0°C to 50°C operating temperature range.

SOLO Basic units accept 11 types of thermocouples, 4 types of RTD temperature sensors, and support three control modes: PID, ON/OFF, and Manual. An Auto Tuning function is available with PID control.

With more capabilities, Standard series SOLO process/temperature controllers offer:

  • Dual-outputs

  • Ramp/Soak control mode

  • Linear voltage output

  • Three alarm outputs

  • Built-in RS-485 interface using Modbus slave (ASCII or RTU) communication protocol

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