Capacitive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link

Ideal for applications where sensors needs to be constantly and accurately monitored.

Carlo Gavazzi
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Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the launch our Capacitive Proximity Sensors with Integrated IO-Link Communication.

With IO-Link sensor communications, each sensor becomes fully programmable and customizable, allowing more than half a million setting combinations.

Features include:

  • Robust IP69K certified, M18 and M30 housings

  • Programmable sensing distance and hysteresis

  • Single point, two point and window sensing modes

  • Logic functions: AND, OR, XOR and “Gated SR/FF”

  • Timer functions: ON, OFF and One shot

  • Configurable output/input: NPN, PNP, Push-Pull and external input

  • Alarm outputs: temperature and dust outputs, with adjustable set points

  • Logging functions: temperature, operational hours,

  • power cycles, and/or configurable changes

  • Detection filter

  • Standard, Plastic or Level Application Modes

  • Quality of Run (QoR) and Quality of Teach (QoT)

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