Ceiling-Mounted Small Robot

Aimed at fast and accurate small parts assembly.

Abb Irb 910 Inv Ii

ABB introduces its new invert-mounted IRB 910INV SCARA robot, the latest addition to its popular SCARA family.

By mounting the IRB 910INV on the ceiling, manufacturers can increase the space efficiency and flexibility of each cell and do more complex tasks even in confined spaces.

The ceiling mounting also allows the IRB 910INV to collaborate with other robots and machines simultaneously in the same footprint, further boosting productivity.

  • Available in two variants: a maximum payload of 3 kg with 350 mm reach or 6 kg with 550 mm reach.

  • Enables electronics small parts assembly tasks such as screw driving, inserting or mounting components.

  • Repeatable point-to-point accuracy in picking and placing, assembly, and testing.

  • Will be certified for cleanroom applications in the future.

For more information, visit www.abb.com/robotics.

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