Smaller PLC-Based Stepper Motor

Size 17 option satisfies a wide variety of applications with varying torque requirements.

2018 10 02 Smd Family 17 34 Ethernet Size 17 Released Image
Advanced Micro Controls Inc.

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. added a smaller, size 17 option to their lineup of PLC-based SMD Series “all-in-one” stepper motor + drive + controllers.

AMCI’s SMD17E2 (NEMA 17) integrated motor combines a high performance 80-oz in (0.56 N-m) torque stepper motor with a powerful DC drive and Ethernet/IP & Modbus-TCP interface in a single, compact product design.

  • Embedded Ethernet switch simplifies multi-axis applications.

  • Optional encoder feedback eliminates the need for a separate home limit switch.

  • Ideal for new machinery, retrofits, and rapid changeover applications.

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