Foot Master Surface Treatment Transitioning from Zinc Plating to Powder Coating

The surface treatment changes also involve protection against corrosion.

Foot Master Gd 100 F Nyn Pus 300x300
G-DOK Industries

G-DOK Industries (Grand Rapids, MI) announced new surface treatment changes as well as swivel-lock notches for its GF Series Heavy Duty Casters, PMH Series Medium Duty Casters and GDSP Series Shock Absorbing Casters. 

FOOT MASTER’s surface treatment changes involve:

  • Transitioning from zinc plating to powder coating
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Improved surface durability
  • Eco-friendly powder coating

FOOT MASTER has also added notches for its swivel locks. The notches allow the casters to swivel or lock into a rigid position.

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