Extra-Duty Overhung Load Adaptors

They provide a solid, permanent mounting surface eliminating premature motor or pump failure.

8759 Zero Max Extra Duty Ohla Models

Zero-Max did it again – three entirely new Extra-Duty Overhung Load Adaptor (OHLA) models. Based on decades of experience solving overhung load issues in the most demanding applications, the new designs feature a number of carefully chosen upgrades including spherical bearings, enhanced sealing technology, stronger shafts and a longer profile delivering increased operating life, heavy load capacities, and higher speed ratings.

While the standard OHLA product line is designed to handle high loads at high operating speeds, these new Extra-Duty models are designed to maximize performance in the most demanding applications. They provide a solid, permanent mounting surface eliminating premature motor or pump failure due to axial and radial overhung loads on a motor or pump shaft. They feature these important design enhancements:

• Extended Housing Length for improved load distribution on the bearings, increasing load capacity and operating lifetime.

• Spherical Roller Bearings as standard for the best combination of high load and high- speed capacity.

• Dual Grease Zerks with one grease fitting located above each spherical bearing to apply grease directly into both bearing assemblies.

• Heat Treated Shafts with splined input bores as standard for handling higher torque and higher shock load applications.

• O-Ring Seal at input that provides a consistent, positive seal between the hydraulic pump/motor and the Overhung Load Adaptor.

• Special Bi-Directional Dual-Lip Seal at the output shaft with two primary seal lips to keep lubricant in the OHLA bearings and dirt and debris outside of the OHLA.

The three new Extra-Duty models are:

• 350 Series (SAE A mount, accepts 2-bolt and 4-bolt Magneto mounting patterns)

• 650 Series (SAE B mount, accepts 2-bolt and 4-bolt mounting patterns)

• 950 Series (SAE C mount, accepts 2-bolt and 4-bolt mounting patterns)

Special Extra-Duty OHLA designs are also available for applications with challenging performance, material, and dimensional specifications including vertical shaft mounting orientations. Zero-Max offers a FREE analysis of any overhung load application to assure proper selection including estimated bearing life, confirming strength of the input shaft connection and making lubrication recommendations. There is no engineering charge for custom designs and they are available in any quantity from one to hundreds or thousands of units.

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