Double-Male Shaft Overhung Load Adaptors

Simplify setup and provide protection from external contamination.

Zero Max Ohla Specials 128 8321 Alt R1 2

Overhung load adaptors from Zero-Max are now available in double-male shaft models.

They simplify set-up and installation, provide protection from external contamination, and provide support for overhung loads both radially and axially.

The double-male shaft OHLA version is a compact, self-contained design that provides a common mounting surface incorporating an input and output shaft. Alignment of both shafts is assured by design. It is a far superior, one-piece solution replacing multiple components often used to make the twin shaft connection.

Applications include: 

  • Jackshaft designs where the driveline is supported by the OHLA with a small sprocket at one end and a large sprocket at the other end. 
  • Pump and blower setups where an electric motor is coupled to one end of OHLA and an impeller or blower fan is mounted and supported at the other end.
  • Power take-off (PTO) where one OHLA shaft end connects to a female spline input on an engine, gearbox or transmission while the other end provides a male output shaft.
  • Female through-bore setups where the OHLA shaft extends through the unit acting as a supporting pillow block bearing and the sealed OHLA housing prevents contamination from the operating environment.

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