Self-Clinching Nuts and Studs

For use in high-strength thin steel sheets.

Pem Hard Panel Fasteners

PennEngineering’s PEM self-clinching SH nuts and HFLH studs can successfully install in high-strength thin steel sheets to provide permanent threads for mating hardware in automotive component attachment applications.

These hard panel nuts and studs, manufactured from hardened alloy steel, exhibit stronger thread strength compared with conventional fasteners. The fasteners also eliminate the environmental-related issues typically associated with alternative thin-sheet fastening devices.

  • Lightweight design, less hardware allows weight reductions in vehicle assemblies.

  • Lower installation costs due to automatic capabilities, elimination of embossing.

  • Small outer diameters enable close-to-edge mounting without risking sheet buckling.

  • Reverse side of the host sheet will remain flush and unmarred for a clean appearance.

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