Ideal for driving motors in base stations and industrial applications.

13 Oct21 Dual Mosfet Pr Image

Rohm Semiconductor announces the QH8Mx5/SH8Mx5 series of dual-MOSFET products (N-channel + P-channel) featuring ±40V/±60V withstand voltages. The devices are ideal for driving motors in base stations (cooling fans) and industrial applications, such as factory automation equipment requiring 24V input.

In recent years, MOSFETs have become increasingly required to ensure sufficient margin against voltage fluctuations by providing 40V and 60V withstand voltages to support the 24V input required for motors used in industrial equipment and base stations. Furthermore, MOSFETs are expected to deliver higher speed switching, together with lower ON resistance, to further improve the efficiency and miniaturization of motors.

In response, ROHM developed its sixth generation 40V/60V MOSFETs utilizing the latest precision processes for N-channel MOSFETs, following the release of the latest generation P-channel MOSFETs announced in late 2020. This combination allows ROHM to provide class-leading dual N-channel + P-channel MOSFETs that deliver the ±40V/±60V withstand voltage required for 24V input. Moreover, the company developed the +40V/+60V QH8Kxx/SH8Kxx (N-channel + N‑channel) series to support a wider range of needs. In total, ROHM offers 12 models of N-channel + P-channel and N-channel + N-channel devices.

The QH8Mx5/SH8Mx5 series utilizes original latest processes to achieve class leading lower ON resistance, 61% lower than the P-channel MOSFETs in dual MOSFET products in the ±40V class. This contributes to significantly lower power consumption in a variety of applications. Furthermore, integrating two devices into a single package contributes to miniaturizing applications by reducing mounting area and decreases the workload required for component selection (combining N-channel and P-channel).

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