5G Transient Voltage Suppressors

Protect voltage-sensitive components from high-energy transients such as lightning strikes or inductive load switching.

Central Semi 2
Central Semiconductor Corp.

Central Semiconductor Corp. introduces its CAK3-012C & CAK6-042C series of 5G bi-directional transient voltage suppressors.

These TVS devices are designed to meet designers’ requirements for protection of voltage-sensitive components from high-energy transients most directly associated with lightning strikes and inductive load switching.

Manufactured with glass passivated chips to deliver exceptional reliability, these high energy TVS devices are available with voltage options ranging from 12.8V to 380V (3kA) and 42V to 240V (6kA). 

Ideal for high voltage 5G transceiver applications, these transient voltage suppressors also feature a tight clamping ratio (VC/VRWM) to ensure fast and precise protection of sensitive electronics, and have no inherent wear-out mechanism as is common with metal oxide varistor (MOV) type components.

For more, visit www.centralsemi.com/applications.

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