Zero Temperature Coefficient Current Limiting Diodes

Maintain a constant current over a wide voltage range.

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Central Semiconductor Corp.

Central Semiconductor Corp., a leading manufacturer of innovative discrete semiconductor solutions, introduces its new line of Zero Temperature Coefficient (ZTC) current limiting diodes (CLDs) packaged in the DPAK case.

The new CDCLD series of devices is designed to meet designers’ requirements to maintain a constant current over a wide voltage range, with the added benefit of extreme stability over a wide temperature range.

Current limiting specifications for the CDCLD series range from 27.5mA to 575mA. Devices are available now in the DPAK package, with bare die versions coming soon.

Applications include:

  • High-intensity lighting systems
  • Infrastructure lighting systems
  • LED drivers
  • Light dimming systems
  • Test/measurement equipment
  • Security products
  • And many others

The DPAK devices are available 2,500 on a 13” Reel.

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