DC Disconnect Switch

Prevent shock hazards when isolating circuits.

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Littelfuse Inc. announces the introduction of its DC Disconnect Switch product line. 

The Littelfuse LS6 (available in 1000 and 500 V) and the LS6R (available in 1500 V) series are energy-efficient, compact disconnect switches that quickly break or resume the flow of current safely. Offered in both 250 and 400 amperage ratings, these switches prevent shock hazards when isolating circuits or repairing systems. 

The LS6R offers a patented operation system that minimizes damage caused by arcs upon disconnection to increase product reliability and longevity.

Key benefits of both the LS6 and LS6R series of DC disconnect switches include:

  • High-level disconnection insulation to provide a barrier to stop conduction when switch is in off position for added safety
  • Self-cleaning blade contacts that eliminate performance degradation (from increased electrical resistance over time) to ensure consistent behavior across the product’s lifespan
  • Internally-located “sandwich-type” 2-contact symmetrical design to mitigate the electromagnetic force of repulsion to offer enhanced functionality in short-circuit conditions
  • Meeting UL 98B, UL 94, and IEC 60947-3 standards

For more, visit Littelfuse.com/DcDisconnectSwitch.

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