High-CV Tantalum Chip Capacitors

Miniature capacitors are optimized for automotive applications.

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AVX Corp. has released a new series of high-CV resin-molded, surface-mount tantalum chip capacitors with a miniature and low-profile facedown design optimized for automotive electronics applications. 

The new F98-AJ6 Series capacitors are currently available in miniature 0603 and 0805 chip sizes with maximum heights of just 1.0mm and 0.80±0.10mm, respectively, and feature facedown under-tab terminations designed to achieve high capacitance, high volumetric efficiency, and high PCB assembly densities and help conserve board space and reduce costs. 

The series also features the industry’s smallest and highest-CV 0603 tantalum capacitor rated at 10μF/10V and is qualified to AEC-Q200, free from the DC capacitance/voltage dependency that MLCCs experience, lead-free compatible, and RoHS compliant. 

Ideal applications for the series include secondary power line circuits in automotive applications including infotainment and cabin electronics systems, camera modules, and digital millers, as well as select industrial applications.

AVX’s new F98-AJ6 Series capacitors are currently available in 0603 chips rated for 4.7μF/10V, 4.7μF/16V, and 10μF/10V and 0805 chips rated for 10μF/16V at 85°C with a ±20% capacitance tolerance at 120Hz. They are also rated for operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +125°C and have been subjected to load humidity testing to verify their ability meet automotive requirements for capacitance change, dissipation factor, and leakage current after 1,000 hours’ application of rated voltage in series with a 33Ω resistor at 85°C and 85% relative humidity (RH). 

Additional values currently in development include 0603 chips rated for 22μF/6.3V and 33μF/6.3V and 0805 chips rated for 22μF/10V and 47μF/6.3V. Lead-time for the series is currently 12 weeks.

For more information, please visit https://www.kyocera-avx.com/products/tantalum/smd-tantalum-mno2/f98-aj6-series/.

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