Component Carrier with 3D-MID Technology

New solution capable of replacing flexible circuit boards.

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Flexible circuit boards offer numerous advantages. However, the mechanical fixation of these circuit boards is highly complex. Harting has developed a new solution based on 3D-MID technology that is capable of replacing flexible circuit boards.

By harnessing this all-new development, electronic components can be fitted directly onto the component carrier, thereby replacing flexible circuit boards. The component carrier serves as a connecting element between the printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic components such as LEDs, ICs, photodiodes and sensors.

Electronic components are mounted directly on the new component carrier in automated processes. The frequently complex processes involved in processing flexible circuit boards is dispensed with, thereby reducing costs by up to two-thirds.

The populated component carriers are delivered in tape & reel. In their standard design, the carriers can be processed in automatic assembly systems, just like other SMD electronic components. Two different sizes are currently available and can accommodate electronic components of standard size SOIC-8 and smaller.

Thanks to the 3D-MID (mechatronic integrated device) technology, electronic components can be fitted directly onto a three-dimensional body without the need for circuit boards or connecting cables. The base body is produced through injection moulding, whereby the thermoplastic is provided with a non-conductive, inorganic additive. 

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