Digital Panel Meters

Feature IP65-rated meter faces, menu-driven pushbutton configuration, and a variety of input signals.

Prosense Digital Panel Meters 5x7

AutomationDirect ProSense digital panel meters, in 1/32 and 1/8 DIN sizes, are AC or DC powered and feature IP65-rated meter faces, simple menu-driven pushbutton configuration, and accept a wide variety of input signals.

Available outputs include: 

  • Alarm relays
  • Milliamp current
  • Sensor excitation voltage

New process-display options now include (depending on series) AC or DC voltage (20/100/200/600V) and AC or DC amperage (200mA/1A/5A/shunt 50mV/shunt 100mv). 

Existing display options include analog process signals, load cell, or potentiometer inputs, and temperature inputs in either °F or °C from RTDs or thermocouples. All panels offer selectable decimal point location.

The ProSense DPM2 process meter series is now available with 4-digit (-1999 to 9999) 20mm character height red LED process indicator displays in addition to the existing 4-digit (-9999 to 9999) 14mm red LED displays. The ProSense DPM3 series offers 5-digit tri-color red / green / amber LED process indicator displays.

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