Arc-Suppressing Resistor-Capacitor Circuits

Uniquely designed to prevent or minimize arcing and noise generations in relay and switch contacts.

Electrocube Single Phase Rc Networks Pr2
New Yorker Electronics

New Yorker Electronics is now distributing the complete series of Electrocube RC Networks ‘Arc-Suppressing’ Resistor-Capacitor Circuits.

Also known as resistors, resistor-capacitors or RC filters, Electrocube’s RC Networks are uniquely designed to prevent or substantially minimize the occurrence of arcing and noise generations in relay and switch contacts.

These arc-suppressing networks are made from dielectric material to deliver maximum strength for withstanding voltage. There are four types available: single-phase resistors, single-phase heavy duty RC filters, three-phase resistor-capacitors and three-phase heavy duty RC Networks.

Arc suppressing resistor-capacitor (RC) networks consist of specially designed precision capacitors and resistors connected in a series. Spark discharges and induced noise are absorbed over a wide range by the accumulation characteristic and impedance of the capacitor, while the RC time constant delays and averages surge voltage and oscillations.

Features include:

  • Single-to-multiple combination
  • Metal cans and epoxy cases
  • Solid and stranded wire leads with varying length and terminations
  • DIN Rail available
  • CE is available
  • Environmental and governmental compliance

Applications include:

  • Machine tools
  • Switchgear
  • Motor controllers
  • Computers
  • Telecommunications
  • Automated equipment
  • Industrial appliances
  • Elevators and escalators

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