Push-In Terminals

Ensures safe, tool-free insertion of wires.

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Conta-Clip presents the new push-in terminal series PRK.

This comprehensive range provides users with a number of design improvements on conventional push-in terminals and satisfies even very demanding requirements regarding ease of use and mechanical stability. The push-in connection ensures a safe, tool-free insertion of rigid wires or wires with end sleeves and significantly reduces the time spent on wiring.

For a quick release of inserted wires, the terminals are equipped with a pusher that requires only slight pressure and no special tools, although the push-in-springs provide high contact force for the wire connections. 

The completely new internal layout with large contact surfaces and fixed metal parts ensures a high current-carrying capacity with low heat build-up, mechanical toughness and an absolutely secure hold of the compact terminals.

The protective-conductor terminals are equipped with a foot contact on both sides to ensure maximum electrical and mechanical reliability. In addition, Conta-Clip offers the plug-in cross-connection system PQI for quick and convenient potential distribution. Standard terminals with rated cross-sections from 1.5 mm2 to 10 mm2 can route two potentials within the two cross-connection channels.

For more information, visit www.contaclipinc.com.

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