0.15-Micrometer Gate Technology

GaN process for high-power mmWave applications and 5G infrastructure.

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WIN Semiconductor
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WIN Semiconductors

WIN Semiconductors Corp. has expanded its gallium nitride (GaN) portfolio with the commercial release of a 0.15-micrometer gate technology, NP15-00, that supports emerging mmWave PA applications including radar, satellite communications and 5G massive MIMO infrastructure.

The NP15-00 technology supports full MMICs enabling WIN customers to design compact, linear or saturated high power amplifiers through 35GHz.

The NP15-00 gallium nitride technology employs a source-coupled field plate for improved breakdown voltage, and operates at a drain bias of 20 volts. This technology is fabricated on 100mm silicon carbide substrates with through-wafer vias for low inductance grounding. In the 29GHz band, NP15-00 offers saturated output power of 3 watts/mm with 13 dB linear gain and greater than 50% efficiency without harmonic tuning.

For more information, visit WIN Semiconductors Corp. at http://www.winfoundry.com/en_US/Index.aspx.

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