Sealed Emergency Stop Switch

Simplifies installation with integrated M12 plug and play connectors.

Rafi Ramo E Stop Image

RAFI has expanded its RAMO Series product offering to include emergency stop switches (E-Stop) for rugged applications.

The RAMO Series pushbutton control components feature fully enclosed mono-housings with ingress protections of IP65, IP67 and IP69K, and standard M12 plug and play connectors. This ensures that the necessary wiring effort is reduced to a minimum and that no extra enclosures with special sealing are required.

Emergency stop switches, or E-Stops, are a critical system component that protect the safety of both operators and machinery in a variety of emergency shut down situations.

If there are very tight space restrictions, installers can use M12 connectors featuring right-angle cable exits. Rotated by 135°, the cable exits allow for a high packing density. The RAMO Series E-Stop switch has 2NC contact capable of switch 35V, and are available in both 22MM and 30MM versions, and meet applicable ISO and IEC standards.

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