Current Transducers

Offer extreme accuracy and immunity to magnetic fields.

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Danisense announces that its current transducers have been used by teams at CERN as part of a significant upgrade program.

The Danisense zero-flux DC current transducers are used in the design of QTRIM power supplies for the PS booster accelerator, which are part of a chain of accelerators that inject the beam into the Large Hadron Collider at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

The upgrade will โ€œincrease the beam energy in the PS booster accelerator from 1.4GeV to 2GeV.โ€ Other features include:

  • Accuracy to ensure quality of beam injected into the LHC

  • <1ppm resistance to magnetic fields of 1mT

  • Noise levels reduced to better than 30ppm pk-pk (1MHz bandwidth)

  • In-house manufacture enabled flexibility

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