Cable Assembly for High-Frequency Applications

Delivers design flexibility for a wide range of standard and specialized products and systems.

Intelliconnect Semi Rigid Cable Assemblies
Intelliconnect Ltd.

Intelliconnect has expanded its cable assembly offering for high-frequency and mission-critical applications.

Comprised of high-quality cables, connectors and terminations, the highly reliable RF cable assembly product offering now includes Low Loss, Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flex and Conformable versions.

The microwave & RF cable assembly offering is designed for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Marine

  • Medical

  • Military

  • Aerospace

  • Microwave communications

  • Oil & gas

  • Rail traction

  • Test & measurement

Available in a variety of sizes and performance specifications, these assemblies operate up to 70GHz and beyond and can be armoured internally or externally.

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